Wednesday, 15 September 2010

X-change speakers for Wednesday 15 September

The X-change events, presented by BBC journalist, Sue Nelson, are like a highlights package at the end of each day of the festival, featuring the most controversial, interesting or downright hilarious people.

The events take place from 18:15-20:00 in the Blue Room of the Aston Student's Guild.You don't need to book in advance, just come along, grab a drink and enjoy the talks and discussion.

We're happy to announce the fantastic line-up for speakers for tonight's X-change event:

Dr Anthony Hilton: Grime Scene Investigation

You might have seen Dr Hilton on the Grime Scene Investigation BBC 3 show. He will talk about the hidden world of organisms living all over our bodies in order to examine how they survive, what impact they have on us and what purpose, if any, they serve.

Dr Caroline Witton: Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Dr Witton will talk about how MEG is being used at Aston to investigate how the brain works, and the exciting new scanner that is being built especially for research with children at the Aston Brain Centre.

Professor Gina Rippon: Neurononsense and Psychobabble

Fresh from speaking on Radio 4, Dr Rippon will talk about how brain sciences are being used in research into sex differences – follow the road to neuro-nonsense, learn how to spot brain bloopers and scoff at neuro-trash.

Dr Tara Shears: News from the Big Bang Machine

Dr Shears with talk about the headline-capturing Large Hadron Collider and whether this mind-boggling machine will help us uncover the secrets of dark matter or the elusive Higgs Boson – the so-called ‘God particle’.

Dr Jessica Grahm: Charles Darwin Lecture Award: Hit Me with Your Rhythm Schtick

Dr Grahm will be exploring the cultural influences on everyday musical abilities, touching on interesting theories about why we developed a musical culture at all. Come along to take part in a live audience-participation demo of the difference between Balkan and Western music!

Robin Lovell Badge: The Yuck Factor: Just how 'human' should laboratory animals become?

Stem Cell scientist Robin Lovell Badge will be discussing today's Ipsos MORI report on animals containing human materals (ACHMs) and the ethical implications of this for future research.

Lorelly Wilson: Chemistry of Cabbage

Lorelly will talk about experiments you can do at home using common household products, and maybe even give some live demonstrations. Highlights of the full talk includes a great lava lamp, toothpaste for your elephant, novel uses for constipation remedies and why your mum tells you to eat your greens.

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