Tuesday, 14 September 2010

X-change speakers for Tuesday 14 September

The X-change events, presented by BBC journalist, Sue Nelson, are like a highlights package at the end of each day of the festival, featuring the most controversial, interesting or downright hilarious people. The events take place from 18:15-20:00 in the Blue Room of the Aston Student's Guild, with around 5 or 6 speakers. You don't need to book in advance, just come along, grab a drink and enjoy the talks and discussion.

The team have been running around all day attending as many talks as possible and we're happy to announce a fantastic line-up for speakers for tonight's X-change event:

Professor Mike Hulme: Why we disagree about climate change 

Professor Hulme will be talking about a few themes from his book Why We Disagree About Climate Change, including how knowledge of climate change is constructed and the interactions between climate change, knowledge and policy.

Dr Elizabeth Moores and Emma Birkett: Discovering Dyslexia

Dr Moores and Emma Birkett will talk about task development in cognitive psychology using examples of spot the difference tasks and recognising impossible objects. Members of the audience will also be able to volunteer to take part in an interactive example of timing problems in dyslexia.

Dr Craig McAllister: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 

Dr McAllister give a live demonstration on how powerful magnets can be used to manipulate brain activity and behaviour and help us investigate how the brain works.

Dr Nick Lee: Neuromarketing  

Dr Lee will provide a whistle-stop tour of recent findings in the brain sciences, and their link to consumer decisions, exploding myths about both advertising and the brain along the way.

Dr Giovanna Tinetti: Planets Outside the Solar System

Dr Tinetti will be talking about how molecules like water, methane and carbon dioxide can be detected on plants outside our solar system, and how we can use this information to find other planets in the habitable zone of stars colder than the Sun.

Dr Kate Bellingham: Colliding Futures

Dr Bellingham, star of Museum of Life, The Big Bang and Tomorrow's World, will be be giving a unique insight into unique career paths in science and how young people are needed to take up the challanges of the future.

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