Thursday, 16 September 2010

X-change speakers for Thursday 16th September

The X-change events, presented by BBC journalist, Sue Nelson, are like a highlights package at the end of each day of the festival, featuring the most controversial, interesting or downright hilarious people.

The events take place from 18:15-19.30 in the Blue Room of the Aston Student's Guild. You don't need to book in advance, just come along, grab a drink and enjoy the talks and discussion.

We're happy to announce the fantastic line-up for speakers for tonight's X-change event:

Professor Gina Rippon: Neurononsense and Psychobabble

After having to dash off to other events yesterday, Dr Rippon has kindly offered to come back to the X-change to talk about how brain sciences are being used in research into sex differences – follow the road to neuro-nonsense, learn how to spot brain bloopers and scoff at neuro-trash.

Professor Jim Al Khalili
British Science Festival Trustee and X-change regular, Jim Al-Khalili is Professor of Theoretical Physics, academic, author and broadcaster of a number of TV shows including Science in Islam, Bang Goes the Theory and Chemistry: A Volatile History. Coming along to hear him discuss topics as diverse as medival science, Stephen Hawkins and funding cuts.

Pete Reddy: The beautiful game: How can we all play football into our 50s and 60s?

Football is the national game and is endlessly adaptable. With an ageing population and sedentary lifestyles, participation in sport has never been more important. Pete will discuss how football can be made accessible for the over 50s and contribute to healthier lifestyles.

Matt Prichard aka Johnny Façade: Something about nothing: Magic, comedy and science

Johnny Façade specialises in close-up magic, mentalism and stand-up comedy. His comedy show will attempt to fill in the empty gaps and explain almost everything there is to know about nothing.

Dr Peter Naish: Susceptibility to Hypnosis
Dr Naish is currently working on using the latest neuroimaging techniques to try to determine the regions of the brain involved in time judgment, and looking to see how they are impacted by hypnosis. He will be talking about the different factors involved in susceptibility to hypnosis.
Dr Sarah Beck: Imagination in infants and young children.
Dr Beck is interested in children’s imaginations and how they become able to speculate about events in the past and future and how they handle uncertainty. She will be explaining how imagination develops and the different techniques that are used to investigate this tricky area of child psychology.
Richard Allum: Galileo’s best friend
Come and meet Filipo as he tells the story of a stolen telescope, in full 16th century costume.
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