Sunday, 20 February 2011

American postal censorship?

Last year, whilst working in University of California, Los Angeles, a friend tried to post me this book: When Atheism Becomes a Religion by Chris Hedges, that she found in a Borders bargain bin. Two weeks later it was returned to her with "Unauthorized Circulation: Religious Content (Int'l) RTS" written on the package. She kept the packaging and just recently gave it and the book to me in person.

Hmmm.. going to follow this up and write this up in full as and when.


  1. That's awful, especially since it was being sent from the US to the UK - two countries with what we like to think of as free speech. I had no idea you couldn't post a religious book out of the US!

  2. As a long time collector of postal censorship I find this very interesting. If this indeed was a governmental action it is extremely, extremely rare that there is not an official label (quoting the reason and law) or hand stamp. The only examples I have found in the last 20 years have been from small isolated units of the navy or military. Even emergency civil censorship has been more 'official' looking.

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