Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Letter from Hardcash productions

Received this a couple of days back (unfortunately only just had time to catch up on the emails):

Dear Aston Humanist Society

My name is Andrew Smith and I am a producer with a TV company - - which makes documentaries for Dispatches on Channel 4. Naomi Philips gave me your contact details from the BHA. I'm developing a documentary looking at Islamic faith schools - primary and secondary schools, especially independent ones - in the light of concerns which have been expressed over the nature of some of the teaching which may be taking place, and wanted to know if you had come across concerns in your local community area of this nature? I'm also interested in teaching and child protection at unregulated madrassas.

I would very much welcome a confidential chat over any issues of this nature you may have come across in your area. Could you give me a ring on *** or email me a number to contact you on?

Thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you

No idea what to really make of it, or why they would ask me! I've got some opinions on faith schools, sure, but I'm less sure that I'm brave enough to get involved in TV stuff.

No harm in ringing him and asking for more details I guess.


  1. oh do it, it sounds quite interesting!

  2. I agree - do it! At least ring him to find out more.

  3. As an ex-Muslim and former Madrasa student, I'd be immensely interested in this!